Saving Money with Meal Planning

Most people are looking for ways to save money around the home, and meal planning is the answer. I don’t know about you, but if I don’t have a meal … Continue Reading →


2017 Budget- Scared but Excited

It seems like every year I add paying off debt to my goals for the year. This year was the first year that I sat down and took a 10 … Continue Reading →

I Quit! From a Stressed Mothers Points of View

That is it, I’m done! I noticed that I wasn’t as happy in my life a few months ago, I think I realized sooner but couldn’t figure out why I … Continue Reading →


Heirloom Seeds Giveaway!!!

I did an un-boxing video a few weeks ago and I had received a few comments that inspired me to do this giveaway! The great thing about heirloom seeds is … Continue Reading →

vision board tn

My Dream/ Vision Board

So I decided to publish my dream board on YouTube, I made the video as short and sweet as possible. But in this Blog post I want to explain my … Continue Reading →

saving money

28 Ways to Save Money Around the House

Frugal Mom or Thrifty Mom, Whatever you may want to label it. I personally call it being a Smart Mom, because I hate wasting money. I have put together a … Continue Reading →


Being prepared for Winter

Ok, you may have notices the weather turning. Before we know it its going to be winter and being prepared is the first thing to do on our list. Last … Continue Reading →

sugar snap peas

How to Grow and Harvest Sugar Snap Peas

Why my family loves growing and harvesting sugar snap peas: Easy to grow They are Frost Tolerant They are Beautiful plant My kids love Sugar Snap Peas Peas grow fast … Continue Reading →


My New Kitchen Toy!

I hate wasting money on kitchen gismos that don’t perform to my standards. I also hate having kitchen devises that are used for one purpose. My kitchen doesn’t have a … Continue Reading →

home made laundry soap

Making Your Own Laundry Soap

… This is a modified recipe I found on (Original source) When I first found this recipe and read all the reviews and how much this cost, I was so … Continue Reading →


High Yield Potato Barrel

Please make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel, because I am planning on doing a lot of potato barrels/ towers this summer! From the research I have done, I … Continue Reading →


When I Realized I Wanted to Grow my own Food

Hello, Last year I came across a You Tube Channel I fell in love with. LDS Prepper  you tube channel has been a real eye opener for me. He talks … Continue Reading →