Herb Garden In Your Kitchen Window

Nothing like cooking your family a delicious dinner and being able to cut your own herbs that are home grown from your window seal. I’m looking for a smaller container … Continue Reading →

tngarden doctor review

The Garden Doctor- Is it worth it?

Yes, its worth it! I love that these books cover what is wrong with your plant, with Pictures and a description, then tell you how you can fix your problem. … Continue Reading →

I Quit! From a Stressed Mothers Points of View

That is it, I’m done! I noticed that I wasn’t as happy in my life a few months ago, I think I realized sooner but couldn’t figure out why I … Continue Reading →


Heirloom Seeds Giveaway!!!

I did an un-boxing video a few weeks ago and I had received a few comments that inspired me to do this giveaway! The great thing about heirloom seeds is … Continue Reading →

vision board tn

My Dream/ Vision Board

So I decided to publish my dream board on YouTube, I made the video as short and sweet as possible. But in this Blog post I want to explain my … Continue Reading →

trellis System

How to Build a Trellis System for Vertical Growing

We originally built a “T” frame for our vertical growing for our Peas to grow up on, then after realizing we would turn it into an in the garden green … Continue Reading →

cache_240_240_0_100_80_Gardening Course Book 2015 cover-2

Mittleider Gardening: 6 Laws Of Plant Growth

After learning so much from the Mittleider Gardening Course book , these are the six laws of plant growth. If you want to have a successful garden you MUST follow … Continue Reading →

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Setting up a Seed Starting Area

  I wanted to grow my own organic veggies for my family, but sometimes the cost of starting a garden can be really high. So I was on a mission … Continue Reading →


Mittleider Gardening: How to Plant Big Bulb Onion Starts

I am so far behind this year on planting, I guess I can blame mother nature for that… Looks like our last frost date was pushed up a few weeks … Continue Reading →

grow light thumbnail final

DIY Grow Lights

So last year I wanted to start my first veggie garden in our new house, but was struck with the sticker shock of how much it would be to start … Continue Reading →

sugar snap peas

How to Grow and Harvest Sugar Snap Peas

Why my family loves growing and harvesting sugar snap peas: Easy to grow They are Frost Tolerant They are Beautiful plant My kids love Sugar Snap Peas Peas grow fast … Continue Reading →


High Yield Potato Barrel

Please make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel, because I am planning on doing a lot of potato barrels/ towers this summer! From the research I have done, I … Continue Reading →


When I Realized I Wanted to Grow my own Food

Hello, Last year I came across a You Tube Channel I fell in love with. LDS Prepper  you tube channel has been a real eye opener for me. He talks … Continue Reading →