Dealing with Ants in the Garden?

About 2 years ago, we had a huge ant problem in our front yard garden bed. Lets just say, we didn’t clean out the bed from the season before as well as we thought we did. I needed to get my sweet potato slips in the ground ASAP and needed a natural way to take care of these ants. I just purchased over $100 worth of sweet potato slips online, which I would never do that again. Killing these sweet potato slips was not an option.

On our talk radio station they just went over getting rid of ants in and around your home with mint oil. You need to mix mint oil and water and spray where you have seen them and where you suspect they are entering into your home. The mint is so strong to the ants that they don’t want to be around it. He continues to say if you wipe the inside of your cabinets, they will not start coming around.

Anyways, so with a mint plant taking over my garden in the back, which was a major mistake to plant mint in my garden bed in the first place, I started to cut. I headed to the kitchen to start a large pot of water with mint leaves on the stove. Note: don’t bother washing your mint leaves or removing the stem, the ants won’t notice. I left the pot simmering for a few hours, which left the house smelling so clean, even if it wasn’t.

Here is the video from that day:

I hope you enjoyed the video and blog post!

Let me know if this works for your ants too.


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