“You Look Fine…” lies we hear everyday and accept as truth

This is our year ladies, to look and feel the way we always wanted too. But I, like most women struggle with my weight. In today’s society people are programmed to tell you that “you look fine” “it’s not that bad”or “at least you’re not bigger”… Well I’m not going to lie to myself anymore. I’m going to stand up and take charge of my life, my body, and my soul again. I’m not going to take my 40lb weight gain lightly, and I’m not going to blame anyone else but myself for my weaknesses. I know this is going to be a challenge to resist high carb foods, but if I fail for a second I will take a step back to ask myself “WHY is this so important to me?” With that question I’ll remind myself that I’m not just doing this for my health or the way that I look and feel, but also for the memories my kids are storing of their mother. I want to go down in my kids history as an out going mom that loves to go snowboarding, hiking, backpacking, camping, fishing, and so much more.

In this years goal, I started to look at the food that I feed my own kids and the lack of veggies they are in taking. Even though I don’t buy a lot of junk food, they probably  shouldn’t eat too many peanut butter sandwiches and turkey dogs cheese wraps. I started to introduce veggie and fruit smoothies into their diet. At first my oldest son (Daniel 4) didn’t want anything to do with it, but after we kept saying his little brother (Noah 3) is getting taller, stronger and faster now. He became competitive to drink smoothies too, and insist we feel his muscles after ever cup. Of course with feeding my families fresh veggie smoothies I also drink about 2 smoothies a day, sometimes more. I’m feeling great and my belt is telling me to keep it up! For every belt hole I go down, the more confidence I have that I will make it.

Most of the weight I lost was due to a flu I had, but I can use all the help I can get. I couldn’t eat or talk during this week. I’ve never lost my voice before but this flu was so bad. I was a dead couch potato for a whole week.

I do not JUST drink veggie smoothies, I try to find away for my eating healthy goal to be sustainable. When I say “sustainable” I mean long-lasting, easy, and still satisfying. I aim for a low carb diet that is filled with lots of veggies prepared every way I can think of. I have made pastas with a veggie to substitute for the high carb pasta. My veggie of choice to substitute is Zucchini, because it has a nice neutral taste that is not over powering. This veggie absorbs flavors from sauces very well, doesn’t fall apart, and keeps well in the refrigerator. I also enjoy the texture and crunch it has, which makes this a perfect choice.

As of 1/27/2015 I have lost 13 lbs, which was a lot of work, but satisfying. I feel like I hit a wall lately but this morning the scale finally moved a tiny bit more.

What helps me is having a well-being journal, in which I write down what I ate, how I feel and did I exercise everyday. I will post my favorite low carb meals that I love in the future.

Please leave me a comment on what has or has not worked for you.

*update 05/20/2015: I ended up gaining back around 8 lbs after doing this diet, in which I started to binge eat again =( I just can’t stop eating sweets and fast food!!!!!! Help me!!!!!!!!!!! Why can’t I stay on a diet for more than 2 weeks?






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