Why I Started a Home Business

entrepYes, I do have a great paying job. I make enough to keep our family nice and comfortable in a nice house and my kids go to a nice private school. So why on earth would I want to start a home business???!!!! Well, many people wouldn’t understand this and think I am greedy and I just want more money. That’s not true. I want to start my own business for me, I have always wanted to be my own boss, have my own schedule and live the American dream of feeling free. I think we have lost that trait as Americans, we focus so much on just doing the minimum to scrap by, and wonder why we aren’t happy and never can get ahead. I think this is programmed in us as we grow up, we are told that we can do and be anything we want, but then told we need to find a good job, get married, buy a house, have kids, save enough to retire and pray we can retire before we die. I work with so many older people who are way past the retirement age, they work 10 hour days, 6-7 days a week and they think they are wealthy. Yes, in most people’s definition, they are wealthy. But for me wealth is more that just my bank account, it’s what I do with my life and how many people’s lives I can change.

images2I strongly believe, we need to live our lives and leave a history. One day we will meet our creator and he will ask us what we have done with our lives. Telling God I have made a difference in people’s lives and enjoyed my own life with my family is my goal. God has created us with limitless abilities, to live by his word, and to show what God can do. I give credit to God for all the great things in my life right now, but I still feel like he is speaking to me to do more. This doesn’t mean I can’t ever be happy with my life, this just means there are greater things waiting for me.

We tell our kids that we want them to be what ever they want to be, but then we don’t model that in our own lives. Telling kids that learning new things in important, but then we as adults don’t try to learn something new?

lpOiNpz I have never done a home business before, nor have I done a MLM. Worried that my day job would get upset about this I kept it quiet for so long, honestly they still don’t know.

The benefits of having your own home business is limitless. Most people can travel, make their own schedule and earn more by working more. I’m not trying to say it will be easy, but as a free nation we should all know that freedom in life is never easy or free. Most network marketing companies offer great commission on products you already use, also with technology where it is at today, usually you will have your own website for your customers to shop on. Some MLM (Multi level marketing) companies require you to sell a certain percentage each month to get the whole sale prices and to be part of the company. Luckily my company does not require that.

start-side-business-640x256 That is why if your interested in joining a MLM and start a home business, you should try to find a product that you love and would share anyways. For me this is Avon, Avon has been around for over 130 years. I grew up with my mother and Aunts selling Avon. I grew up using the produces and love how they can offer great quality products for a great price. Most MLM companies are considered to be over price and a high up front cost. But for Avon it is a low-cost and offers there Reps 20-50% commission. I have worked for an over priced MLM before, technically I’m still an ambassador for them so I can still take the products, which I love. But most people can’t get over the cost and thinks I’m apart of a scam. So that is why I took 2 months to research a network company that would offer so much more. Something that is tried and true, that people trust and already love.

So if you are interested in joining a MLM, look for a company that has a great product and compensation plan. Network marketing is not always an easy way to make money. If it was easy then everyone would be doing it, but most people can making a great living from working from home. Then there are those who can make more money than they ever dreamed of. For me, I would like be able to home school my kids, make enough money to quit my job, and still give to the organizations I’m giving to now. Email me at momsimplelife@gmail.com if you would like to join my team, and start your home business! www.startavon.com/momsimplelife is my website for my Avon business.



Why are you wanting to start a home business? Please leave me a comment and share what your home business dreams are!


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