Videos on My Health Journey

After so many failed attempts at trying to lose weight and live a healthier life style. I decided to get into Plexus and I love it. So far, I have been taking the Plexus Triplex with great success!

Here is my first video on this health Journey that I am on.

If you have any questions or want to join me, please email me at

Here is a video on a delicious new recipe I am loving


Here is a video I made manly for myself, to remember that I shouldn’t have excuses on why I can’t exercise. I have no excuses, since I don’t have the excuse of foot pain anymore.

Trust me I used to be full of excuses.

My health journey update after taking Plexus Slim for 3.5 weeks!!!!

This is a video about my thoughts about the Plexus Triplex combo. Love, love, love these products! I have tried so many systems and failed.

After I told my man that I wanted to go jogging at night, he became very worried about my safety. So this is what he had me wear! But I love how he cares, then when I got back home he was waiting outside for me. He waited outside to scare me!!! LOL O well I still think he was watching out for me.  :-)

You can really see how healthy I am looking from this video! I didn’t realize how much I have lost until editing this video. I lost my footage of what my body looked like after 4 weeks ggrrrrr. I hate it when I loss my projects on my computer lol


Here is the Slide show I had playing on the TV, during my plexus party.

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