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As a mother, I feel like there is never enough time in a day to get things done. I work full-time manufacturing airplanes, usually working 8-10 hour days 5-7 days a week. To be honest I hate my job… It’s not really the job I hate, I just hate working long days and not able to spend more time with my Kids. I’m in tears right now over how tired I am with  being tired all the time. I was talking with this guy at work while waiting for a microwave, he glanced down at my food and asked if I made it? I said “yes! I made it” He continues to say “I believes that it’s the women’s job to stay home to cook and take care of the house” I looked at him and said “Me too!(with a smirk on my face) and I also believe that men should be the ones working to provide for the family, but look around it looks like men aren’t doing their job!” He looks around at a lunch room full of women.

Why is it that in today’s society, we expect more from mothers. Mothers are expected to take care of: cleaning the house, the kids, their husbands, their bodies, the way they look, the pets, the cooking, the yards, the bills, budgeting, making family plans,  educating the kids, grocery shopping, AND work full-time. With all of that responsibility women are still expected to be “Pleasant”. Women’s Independent Rights was supposed to be a great idea, but it really messed up our freedom to stay home with our kids. Our economy doesn’t allow one parent to stay home anymore. I’m not blaming our husbands for this, I’m blaming our women’s right to work movements.  We screamed and cried about equal paying jobs and equal rights. But that seemed to make men’s jobs pay less so they can hire more women at that lower wage. It seemed like a great idea to say women should have the choice to work if they want, but now they don’t have that choice. Women have to work, and I hate missing out on my kids growing up.

A few months ago I read on Facebook a nasty rant towards working mothers. This mother was saying how they work so much harder because she stay with her kids. She went on and on about sweeping, vacuuming, laundry, doing the dishes, watching her kids and paying the bills. She continued her rant about working mothers will never understand what it feels like to raise your own kids because you pay someone to raise them for you. WOW, at this moment I was on my 10 minute break reading this at work. I started to cry with anger and jealousy over her rant. I don’t know about other working moms, but I don’t have a magical fairy that comes to my house to sweep, vacuum, do the laundry, pay the bills, and do the dishes. I have to do all that on top of working 8-10 hours. Be happy and feel blessed you don’t HAVE to work! The worst part of her rant where all the comments saying how she is like a super women and she is a hero, then someone said God will bless her for taking the sacrifice to stay home with her kids.

As a working Mother I barely get any sleep because of my long working hour. I come home from work to a full dish washer and full sink most of the time. I guess that magical fairy missed my house. Ok its time for me to get off my soap box. Thanks for reading and have a good night!

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  • grandmanell says:

    Hi Melissa, I completely understand your frustration as a mother. Now my grandchildren are grown and have their own lives but I still hear from mother’s everywhere that feel as you do. This is not a nice world now but I will pray for you that God will help you find a way to perform your role as a mother at home. God bless you for making these video’s that help us learn to be more productive and lead a more simple life. Send me your email if you want. I also was a home school mom and was later in the aerospace work until I retired. There is also a possibility that we might be neighbors without knowing it since I live just off of highway 2. Blessings to you!

    • Melissa Martinez says:

      Thank you for keeping me in your prayers. I’ll email you soon I think we live pretty close to each other =)

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