My New Kitchen Toy!

I hate wasting money on kitchen gismos that don’t perform to my standards. I also hate having kitchen devises that are used for one purpose. My kitchen doesn’t have a lot of storage, so I started to look at multi function produces that can replace a few of my low performing devises. I have a chopper that doesn’t seem to chop, a blender that doesn’t truly blend, and electronic mixing wound for making baked goods.
Issues I have with each kitchen devise:
My Chopper is a manual chopper that rust after the first wash, and it crushes more than chops. It was cheap so I guess I got what I paid for. Maybe I’m doing it wrong, but it doesn’t seem safe that your pounding down on this devise with your bare hands. So good luck if you have any hand issues.
The Blender I have is a Hamilton brand and I have tried to use it for blended drinks and it failed. I ended up dumping the drink into my ninja food processor to finish off making the drink.
My electric hand held mixer made more work for me. I would end up getting STUFF all over my kitchen. It was cheap and saved me from hand mixing dough, so that was a plus.


Making Salsa


Made Tomato Soup


Made Laundry soap


Made Dips, Tomato bread and cake

But now that I have my New Ninja Kitchen System 1200, I have fallen in love with being in the kitchen again! My kids love there mixed drinks that are full of veggies and fruits, but I don’t tell them what’s in it. My husband and I enjoy our adult drinks on Saturday nights. I love making dips, pie filling, pie crust, cookies, bread, muffins, veggie smoothies and I even us it to make my home made laundry soap.
My New Ninja Kitchen System 1200 is helping me keep it simple in the kitchen!

Even after owning this system for over 4 months, I’m still a ninja addict!

Please help out other mothers like you, by answering these questions in the comments:
What Kitchen devise do you love, and why?
What kitchen devise that has failed you, and why?

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