I Quit! From a Stressed Mothers Points of View

That is it, I’m done! I noticed that I wasn’t as happy in my life a few months ago, I think I realized sooner but couldn’t figure out why I was so depressed. I think most Mothers go through this time in their life where they set super high standards for them self. For me I wanted to be like a super Mommy! I started this path about 2.5 years ago to live a more simple life, hence the name Moms Simple Life. My dream was to make money at home: blog, YouTube, home based business while home schooling my kids. The trouble is I had a great paying job with awesome benefits!!! Not much to complain about really, but as a mother who wanted to quit her job, finding a way to make that type of money from home would take a lot of sacrificing. Realizing I wasn’t enjoying myself anymore, something needed to change ASAP.
Being pulled between my job, YouTube channel, home business, my dreams of home schooling my kids and trying to be a perfect Mother/Homemaker. I was feeling stressed and depressed, after a few drunken nights crying over a journal, long prayers to God, and a tearful trip to church, God was answering my prayers. It was one of those moments your floating over your life looking done and finding those answers you’ve been looking for. When God doesn’t answer your prayers, doesn’t mean he isn’t listening, it just means that he knows me better than I do and felt like I needed to be on a different path. I quit my previous home based business which was Plexus (I still love their products) and starting a new one that was more fun, Avon! Stopped stressing about my blog and said if I have time to post I’ll post, and stopped posting each week on my YouTube channel. In the future I’ll be posting when I want or when I have time, which ever comes first.
Still hating my day job which was anywhere from 40-66 hours per week, and a friend said I should look into moving to grave yard shift which has NO overtime and less hours! After thinking about this change, I knew it was for me. After a few months on the waiting list, I ended up getting the chance to move from day shift(1st shift) to grave yard (3rd shift). 1st shift was from 5:30am to 2:00pm Monday thru Friday with mandatory pre shift over time which required me to work 10 hour days and most Saturdays and sometime Sundays. Your probably thinking, wow that’s a lot of overtime money! Yes it was, but I was sooooo tired, I didn’t have time to do what I wanted to do. I’m now on 3rd shift which is from 10:30pm to 5:30am, crazy hours I know lol. But it was what I needed, I work 6.5 hours and get paid for 8! No overtime, I get more sleep, and have more time and energy to do thing with my kids! It was a win win.
And for my dream to home school my kids, I think I’ll leave that up to the certified teachers. My kids have been part of a Christian School since pre school and Pre K. I love the teaching style and how they can teach my kids more about God than I can. God has put it in my heart, that finding away to keep them in a Christian School, is best for my sons. I pray that we find the money and make it work, which has been working the last 2 years. Now that they are in Kindergarten and 1st grade, it cost more. Tighter budgets, working my Avon business and prayers will help keep them in a good school. Nothing against public school, ok Im lying there is a lot to say about public school in my area…. but that would have to be for another post. If you would like to help with Daniel and Noah’s tuition, please take a look at my E store www.youravon.com/momsimplelife 20% of your purchase will go towards our mission for better education. Here are some coupon code to get even a better deal on your purchase:
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Anyways, back to my little rant.

Feeling burnt out, trying to keep up with the garden and video taping it all, cooking dinners, trying to keep the house clean, did I mention editing? I wish I can have someone edit my videos for me sometimes… Some videos is a 2-3 day process, one evening to record and the next 2 days to edit. I found that my time for my kids was getting lost, realizing I started gardening in the first place was to teach my kids and learn a new skill. My first year gardening was soooo fruitful and peaceful, my next year I was trying to capture it all on YouTube, this year I was feeling overwhelmed. I bit off more than I could chew. Last week i got a comment on one of my videos saying that maybe gardening was not for me since it seems like I kept forgetting to fertilize my garden. Some comments I don’t answer because I feel like my comment might come off not as nice… I think this upcoming year I will give my kids more responsibility (they actually been wanting to do more in the garden) and let them do it on their own with my guidance. Most mothers probably understand me when I say I feel like I need to do it all if I want it to be done right. But I’m not doing right by my kids if I don’t let them fertilize the garden or transplant the seedlings. Time to let them have my garden as their garden. They keep asking me to build them their own garden beds, I think next year they can have mine. Maybe not all of it lol.

With cooking dinners, my sons have been learning how to cook. Nothing is cuter than seeing a 5 and 6 year old in their underwear with an apron on, flipping a perfect over easy egg or pancake. Sometimes its more work to share a kitchen, especially with children. But I want them to grow up to be independent Men. Your Welcome to the future wives of my sons. They are wanting me to show them how to us the sewing machine next… this will be interesting.

Before I realized I needed to let go more, I barely ever got the time to watch TV let alone go out to a movie. The last time I went to see a movie in the theaters Daniel was 2 months old. He is now 6 years old and I forgot how to relax and enjoy these small moments. So the last 2-3 months I have seen a few movies, all paid by free movie tickets we collected over the last 6 years from our job.

I’m still passionate about teaching my kids what I can at home, but know that I won’t die if they aren’t the top student in their class.

So over all I hope you understand this rant of me quitting is about my needing to quit the things that aren’t really making me happy in life and appreciating the things and moments that I have.

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