How to Make Low Carb Faux Pho

I love pho, but it starts to get expensive going out to eat all the time so I started to make it at home. At the beginning of the year, I made my goals and action plan. I bought a spiralizer to help me substitute high carb foods with veggies. After make pasta, which it turned out great with Zucchini as the substitute, I said why not pho?! Substituting the rice noodles for Zucchini noodles turned out to be better tasting than the real pho recipe. My family and friends loves this low carb recipe. It’s easy to make for lunch or dinner and it gets a lot of attention at work with my Vietnamese co workers. My good friend Lulu whom is mixed Asian says she loves the Zucchini taste even more than the traditional rice noodles.

Here is the video I uploaded to YouTube:

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In this video I’ll show you my hack on getting more spiralizing done, in a fraction of the time.

If you are interested in the spiralizer I have purchased, here is the link. Thank you!


This spiralizer comes with 4 different blades, the small angel noodle blade only comes with this model and not the 3 blade model.

Please leave me a comment if you have tried this recipe and if you liked it.



  • Darlene says:

    We love you on YouTube! I want to try your pho recipe, but there are so many soup bases on Amazon… Is that where you bought yours? If you could tell me who makes it, I would be very grateful!
    Love your potato videos too.

    • Melissa Martinez says:

      I buy mine from a Asian Store. If you google Asian markets in your area you should find one. I use these 2 that I found on Amazon, but they are way cheaper if you go to the Asian Market for it. and (I like this one a little better). My Asian store used to carry the pack I used in the video, but not any more =( When I go pho soup mix shopping I buy multiple brands and try each one out, so then I know what I like. Just make sure you don’t accidentally buy the Pho soup spices, this is for if your cooking the soup from scratch. I accidentally did that before lol I hope this helps. Thank you for leaving me a comment and checking out my videos =)

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