“Giveaway CLOSED” for Breast Cancer Awareness Month!!!!

Giveaway2Did you know that 1 in 4 women get breast cancer? Every 2 minutes a women gets diagnosed with breast cancer in America. For most that could me our mother, sister grandmother, daughter, aunt, neighbor or friend. October is national breast cancer awareness month. There is so many reasons why we care, but for me it’s a friend I’ve known for over 7 years. She is a beautiful mother who cares for so many people besides her self or her kids. She inspires, motivate, and comfort so many people around her. Her wisdom and mothering touch could lead an army, but yet this last summer she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Breast cancer doesn’t care if your a single mother, a hard worker or a manager of a company. I have teamed up with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation of American and started a website to donate to help these women who could be our mothers , daughters or sister. I am setting a high goal, but yet an achievable goal I. A goal of raising $10,000 for the Month of October. I have recently purchased 8 breast chek kits from Plexus worldwide. Plexus worldwide started there company in 2006 with this breast chek kit which was featured on D.r oz. then later they realized helping people with getting healthy would help lower breast cancer. That is when they focused on helping diabetics and per-diabetics, but they found a way to be overall healthy.

I will also be donating my commission I earn outside of what I usually earn to this cause. If you have wanted to purchase from Plexus and haven’t yet, this is your chance to give to the cause plus get something for yourself. Go to www.MelissaSlimDown.com to make those purchases. Check out my Health Journey videos or blog post to get an idea of what I recommend.

smallPlexuspink-004Please make a cash donation to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation:

http://give.bcrfcure.org/MomCares  1405538952

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