Cheap Private School Uniforms

My kids have been going to a Christian school since they were in Preschool. This year will be the first year I would need to buy them uniforms. If you … Continue Reading →

I Quit! From a Stressed Mothers Points of View

That is it, I’m done! I noticed that I wasn’t as happy in my life a few months ago, I think I realized sooner but couldn’t figure out why I … Continue Reading →


Why I Started a Home Business

Yes, I do have a great paying job. I make enough to keep our family nice and comfortable in a nice house and my kids go to a nice private … Continue Reading →

vision board tn

My Dream/ Vision Board

So I decided to publish my dream board on YouTube, I made the video as short and sweet as possible. But in this Blog post I want to explain my … Continue Reading →


“Giveaway CLOSED” for Breast Cancer Awareness Month!!!!

Did you know that 1 in 4 women get breast cancer? Every 2 minutes a women gets diagnosed with breast cancer in America. For most that could me our mother, … Continue Reading →

photo 3

Minion Party!

Thank You Everyone for a great time! Here is some more pictures from the Party:   I hope you enjoyed this post, Love you guys!

ABC Mouse Review

ABC Mouse Review

Like most mothers out there, you are looking for an easy and fun way to educate your kids. Sometimes you would love to sit down with them, but sometimes you … Continue Reading →


Organizing Kids Toys

Before getting this system, I had my kids toys in boxes that seem to rip easily.  What really makes this system work is the colored pictures and labels hot glued … Continue Reading →

Hottest Toddler Toys for Boys

Christmas is around the corner and its time to start planning ahead on what toys are hot this Christmas for younger kids. These list are toys that are proven to … Continue Reading →


Teaching Time and Clocks to Toddlers

I heard a roamer that the schools DO NOT teach analog clocks anymore. Too me this makes no sense, because the bus station, train stations, and even watches still use … Continue Reading →


5 Hacks for New Moms

This is a list of 5 Hacks for Hacking Motherhood .. 1. Get a waterproof mattress protector for your own bed. You may think you will save money by not … Continue Reading →

educational workbook

How to use your kids education workbooks

As most parents go out and buy those 500 page workbooks for their kids, most parents don’t know how to use these books to there full potential. I was one … Continue Reading →

sugar snap peas

How to Grow and Harvest Sugar Snap Peas

Why my family loves growing and harvesting sugar snap peas: Easy to grow They are Frost Tolerant They are Beautiful plant My kids love Sugar Snap Peas Peas grow fast … Continue Reading →


High Yield Potato Barrel

Please make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel, because I am planning on doing a lot of potato barrels/ towers this summer! From the research I have done, I … Continue Reading →


15 Free Things to do with your Kids during the Summer

Have you ever felt yourself in a slump and wanted to do something new and fun with your kids, that was free? We have made a list of things that … Continue Reading →