Cheap Private School Uniforms

My kids have been going to a Christian school since they were in Preschool. This year will be the first year I would need to buy them uniforms. If you … Continue Reading →


Saving Money with Meal Planning

Most people are looking for ways to save money around the home, and meal planning is the answer. I don’t know about you, but if I don’t have a meal … Continue Reading →


2017 Budget- Scared but Excited

It seems like every year I add paying off debt to my goals for the year. This year was the first year that I sat down and took a 10 … Continue Reading →

I Quit! From a Stressed Mothers Points of View

That is it, I’m done! I noticed that I wasn’t as happy in my life a few months ago, I think I realized sooner but couldn’t figure out why I … Continue Reading →


Avon 3 piece gift set giveaway!!!

This contest if for the main states of the United States. You must be 18+ years old to enter. If you want to give this gift set as a gift … Continue Reading →


Heirloom Seeds Giveaway!!!

I did an un-boxing video a few weeks ago and I had received a few comments that inspired me to do this giveaway! The great thing about heirloom seeds is … Continue Reading →


Why I Started a Home Business

Yes, I do have a great paying job. I make enough to keep our family nice and comfortable in a nice house and my kids go to a nice private … Continue Reading →

vision board tn

My Dream/ Vision Board

So I decided to publish my dream board on YouTube, I made the video as short and sweet as possible. But in this Blog post I want to explain my … Continue Reading →


“Giveaway CLOSED” for Breast Cancer Awareness Month!!!!

Did you know that 1 in 4 women get breast cancer? Every 2 minutes a women gets diagnosed with breast cancer in America. For most that could me our mother, … Continue Reading →

Rants and Rambeling

As a mother, I feel like there is never enough time in a day to get things done. I work full-time manufacturing airplanes, usually working 8-10 hour days 5-7 days a week. To … Continue Reading →

“You Look Fine…” lies we hear everyday and accept as truth

This is our year ladies, to look and feel the way we always wanted too. But I, like most women struggle with my weight. In today’s society people are programmed … Continue Reading →


5 Hacks for New Moms

This is a list of 5 Hacks for Hacking Motherhood .. 1. Get a waterproof mattress protector for your own bed. You may think you will save money by not … Continue Reading →


15 Ways You Know You’re a Wanna Be Stay-At-Home Mom

Google+ 1. You start trolling your friends Facebook accounts, when they mention their wonderful mornings sitting in the park enjoying the summer air. (While your working in a window less … Continue Reading →