28 Ways to Save Money Around the House

Frusaving moneygal Mom or Thrifty Mom, Whatever you may want to label it. I personally call it being a Smart Mom, because I hate wasting money. I have put together a list that I personally do to save money around the house:


1. Make my own Laundry Soap

I found this recipe on Pinterest.com, with trial and error I learned how to make this faster and easier.

2. Make my own Wool Dryer Balls

By adding dryer balls to the dryer you can cut your drying time. The balls help absorb the water and heats up to help the wet clothing dry faster. 100% wool dryer balls will leave your clothes and linen softer and more absorbent than using dryer sheets. This is a chemical free alternative to replace costly dryer sheets.

3. Changed most of our light bulbs to LED light bulbs

LED light bulbs have came down in price, and they last way longer than normal light bulbs. According to Amazon they Lasts 22.8 Years @ 3 Hours/Day and can save you $268 in Energy Costs over Life of 3 Bulbs vs. Incandescents


4. Energy Efficient curtains

Just changing your curtains can help your utility bill by keeping the heat in your home during the winter and the heat out of your home during the summer.

5. Make coffee at home and bring an extra thermos of coffee to work

If people add up how much they spent each week on coffee, they would be amazed. Say you buy 1 cup a coffee a day at $4.00 when your working. That’s $20 a week, $80 a month or $1,040 per YEAR. Or you can have drip coffee at .10 per cup plus coffee creamer that’s $3.50 a bottle that last for 2 weeks. Drinking coffee at home will cost you $2.25 a week, $9.00 a month, or $117 per YEAR! Wow that’s a $923 savings. And if you stock up on coffee creamer when they go on sale for $2-$2.50 a bottle, your coffee would be $78 a Year! Go ahead, at this price you deserve another cup.

6. Wash all clothes on cold water, except my toddlers clothing who still have accidents at bed time.

According to the electric companies, washing your laundry in cold water can save $40 per year or 385 lbs. of carbon dioxide emissions. 90% of the energy used to wash your clothes are used to heat the water.

7. Clip coupons and look in the ads for sales.

When I use coupons they need to be less than the generic brands. I usually look for sales, then use a coupon on top of it. Coupon.com is a great resource to finding printable coupons. There is a lot of coupon apps for your phone that you can use at restaurants, retail stores, fast food, craft stores and even home improvement stores.

8. Learn to say “Yes, thank you!”This is important when people are offering you free kids clothes or gear. Then pass it on

When I first was pregnant with my first son, I was struggling. I was working so much overtime to provide a home and food. My coworkers from work would offer me their kids old stuff. I felt bad saying yes, but after a while you notice people just want to get rid of it. Plus most of the clothes, shoes, bikes, sporting equipment, books, even jackets my boys have were free! When they grew out of it, I passed it on. Now my neighbor who is a stay at home mom with a second baby on the way doesn’t have to worry about saving for boy stuff. I thinking passing it on is Gods way of blessing people.

9. Cancel your daily news paper

M-F you pay for a news paper that is small and has no coupons in it. I usually go online for news because I don’t have time during the week to sit down and read the news paper. I’m not saying cancel your Sunday news paper, because the coupons that come in there pays for itself.

10. Start growing your own organic vegetables

Organic vegetables are so expensive these days, even regular veggies cost a lot. Learn how to grow your own vegetables in our “Whats Growing” section.

11. Start canning/ Freezing your produce and meat you find on mega sales

I love jalapeños and when I found a large bag on sale I bought it and froze it. We grew so much sugar snap peas from our Mittleider garden this year that we have about 20lbs frozen. These are organic sugar snap peas that usually go for $3.99 a pound at the co op down the street. Canning can help you preserve produce and meats you find on sale. There are 2 main types of canning, Water bath canning and pressure canning.

12. Buy bulk when its on sale and stock up.

You can go to the store and buy a 5lb bag of potatoes for $3.99 or you can go to a bulk store and buy a 50lb bag for $7.99. Potatoes can be stored in your garage or any cool dark area. When I see cereal on sale, I buy a lot to last my family till the next sale. Produce I buy in bulk when its super cheap, for example my family love asperigus and its usually 3.99/lb so when it went to .99/lb I stocked up and learned how to can them. I used a pickling recipe since I love pickled asperigus.

13. Start taking shorter showers

People seem to take 30-60 min showers, to me this is wasteful. You spend so much money on heating the water, the sewage for the water to go to a treatment center after your use, and getting the water to your home. I try to  take 5-10 minute showers but no longer, to conserve water and money. According to www.gogreeninyourhome.com a family a five that take a 15 minute shower one a day can save $649.20 a year by switching their shower heads over to a 1.5 GPM shower head and shutting off the water when not in use.

14. Start collecting rain water for your vegetable garden during the expensive summer months

Check your areas laws about this, some areas it illegal to collect rain water. You can get these kits online to build a rain catching systems or you can buy a rain barrel .


15. Learn how to sew/ mend

Learning how to mend and sew will save you money at the alterations

16. Stop buying so much extra make up

I know this is hard, but most women buy more make up then they need and worst of all they don’t use it!

17. Make your own cleaning wipes

Clorox wipes get very expensive, plus they are toxic. By making your own you can save money, be green, and it won’t be poisonous for your kids to use.

18. Make your own all purpose cleaning spray

Making your own cleaning spray will help you save money, and will be healthier for your family to use. If you need to put a Mr. Yuck sticker on it, maybe you shouldn’t be using it.

19. Start checking out your local thrift store

Our Goodwill has a sale every Monday that makes the color of the day $1.29! Yes you can buy kids clothing for $1.29 a piece. Checkout your local thrift store and ask them for a calendar of there upcoming sales.

20. Before you donate all your junk this summer, try to have a garage sale first.

Garage sales are a lot of work, but they are worth it. Getting rid out junk and making money, who can complain. Last summer we made enough money to take a camping trip.

21. Re-purpose old stuff instead of buying new.

Sometimes you can repurpose old clothing, cribs, lamps, furniture, almost anything can be repurposed with some imagination

22. Start making your own foam hand/dish soap

Foam hand soap is cheap and can save you water and money.

23. Switch over to a 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner

By using 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner will save you money on buying 2 separate produces. Plus you will save water when you only need to rinse one produce out of your hair.

24. Start recycling more!

Take a look at your trash, and look at everything your paying to be discarded every month. If you start recycling and composting your garbage bill can be reduced. Call your garbage company to find out how much you can save by down sizing your can. Or take your own garbage to the dump if you want to save even more money.

25. Make your Lunch for work

This is easier than you think. I try to make a few days of lunches a head of time. Buying a set of rubber maid containers will help you transport your lunch safely.

26. Stop buying disposable water bottle and buy a reusable one

This saves you money and saves the environment. Find a few good water bottles you like and keep them around the house and take one when you leave your home.

27. Shut the heater vents in the rooms that don’t get used often.

If you don’t go in your basement a lot or a specific room, close the heater vents during the winter. There is no reason to heat a room that doesn’t get used very often. For our family we don’t hang out in our basement during the winter, because of how cold it gets it would cost a lot to heat it.

28. Make your own Coffee Creamer

Making your own coffee creamer is healthier and cheap than buying from the stores at a cost of $3.89 a container.

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