“You Look Fine…” lies we hear everyday and accept as truth

This is our year ladies, to look and feel the way we always wanted too. But I, like most women struggle with my weight. In today’s society people are programmed … Continue Reading →


How to Make Low Carb Faux Pho

I love pho, but it starts to get expensive going out to eat all the time so I started to make it at home. At the beginning of the year, … Continue Reading →

howto organizecoat closet

How to Organize Your Coat/Hall Closet: With Kids

The house we had before had no hall closet, I mean nothing. So when we moved to this bigger house with a closet I knew I wanted to keep it … Continue Reading →

grow light thumbnail final

DIY Grow Lights

So last year I wanted to start my first veggie garden in our new house, but was struck with the sticker shock of how much it would be to start … Continue Reading →

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How to Replace Electrical Outlets

It may seem intimidating to replace outlets around the house, but with this easy to follow video I will show you how easy it can be.         … Continue Reading →