15 Free Things to do with your Kids during the Summer

Have you ever felt yourself in a slump and wanted to do something new and fun with your kids, that was free? We have made a list of things that both the parent and the child like to do:

1. Free Movie in the Park-

I have found that there are churches that offer free movies in the parks or at the church. This is a great way to network with other parents and people in your community.

2. Community Park-

A community park is an excellent way to have your kids meet other kids their age. This will help your kids stay healthy and keep their brains active.

Backyard Camping is cheap and easy!

Backyard Camping is cheap and easy!

3. Camping in your back yard (This is one of my favorites)-

If you don’t want to drive out and pay for a camp site, this is a great alternative. Pack a cooler and travel bag to make your stay feel like the real thing. Then make sure you have a fire pit somewhere in your backyard so you can have S’mores and camp fire story time.

4. Check out your nearest library-

This is great fun for the whole family. Let your kids pick out their own books they want to read, never tell them its above their level. This will also give you time to read what you want. Many library’s offer story time for younger kids, usually a vIMG_3218olunteer or library worker reads a book to the kids.


5. Go Fishing-

I love fishing with my boys and seeing their face when we actually catch a fish. Some kids are  too young and get bored, but if they learn how to cast early on, they take pride in casting by themselves.

6. Water fight-

You can use buckets of water and clean sponges, or just use the water hose and take turns of who is going to spray “Get everyone”.


Sidewalk chalk can be used for so many games

7. Side Walk Chalk-

This can be used for an educational game. You can draw the Alphabet all over your drive way, have pieces of paper with each letter on it. Then when you call the letter you randomly picked, they go running to the letter. Who ever reached it first gets to pick the next piece of paper. This can be used for numbers, shapes, colors, words, answers to the math problem or anything your trying to teach.

8. Bike ride-

Keeping your kids active is more important today than ever. Use this time to exercise yourself, by jogging or bike riding. Your kids will love exploring the neighborhood in safe company of a parent, this will also get them to ask questions on new things they find.

9. Going for a hike-

For this you need to make sure to bring plenty of water and snacks. There is nothing worst than realizing you didn’t have enough water and everyone is thirsty and hot.

20110413-washingtonstatekite110. Fly a kite-

You don’t see this as often anymore, but its a good way for kids to learn how wind works. You can even ask them to make their own kite for a good craft project.

11.Pine Cone Pick Up-

This is more rewarding for the parents. You give your kids a bag or basket. Set a time, for maybe 2-4 minutes and let them go. Make sure to cheer them on while they are hunting for pine cone that have fallen from your trees and are all over your yard. After time up, its time to count. Have them count them their self’s or help them count. I usually offer prizes, like a penny a pine cone and a bonus of .25 cents for the winner. I personally do this game when they have friends over. To keep this free you can offer them a paper that says first place, second place, ect.

12. Treasure Hunt-

You can have this in your back yard. For younger kids that don’t know how to read, draw out a map works best. For older kids write out riddles or questions that lead them to the next clue. For example: “Go to where the water starts to flow” then they can run to your water spout to find the next clue. “Roses are Red violets are Blue, skip over to me because I see you” this is for your Rose bushes you have near by. Have a paper that states they have won, or have their Treasure waiting for them.

13. Slip and Slide-

A tarp, painters drop cloth made out of plastic, or a slip and slide you already have. Some dish soap and sprinkler and watch how much fun it can be to get clean 

14. Have a picnic-

This is Noah enjoying a Picnic.

This is Noah enjoying a Picnic.

Make your lunch or dinner but serve it to your kids outside on a blanket. My kids get so excited when I bring out our old blanket and lay it on the ground, they know its picnic time!

15. Grow something edible or beautiful-

Find a good spot in your yard or a pot on your patio and have your kids plant some seeds. Let them water their plants, but remind them when its time to water. Your kids eyes will light up when the plant starts to pop up through the soil. When it gets big enough to blossom or produce food, they will feel really rewarded for their efforts. This is a great way to educate your kids how the sun and water has a huge part in making things grow. At this time I would recommend showing them educational videos on You Tube showing the process of how plants grow.




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